Stat&QuantPhys Autumn School 2021 (SQP2021)

Thank you for your participation!
We thank everyone who participated in this workshop on September 26 and 27. It was a very productive meeting with many attendees. We hope you had a good meeting and learned something that will help you in your future research! We would appreciate it if you take time to answer the feedback form on the participants' page.

All lecture materials including the recordings are now available from Participants' page !



All programs will be held in Japan Standard Time (GMT+9).

9/26(Mon.) 9/27(Tue.) 10/1 (Sat.)
  8:45-9:00 Opening ceremony Spin-off event
  9:00-12:00 Lecture 1 / Lecture 2 Lecture 3 / Lecture 4
12:00-13:00 Lunch-time chat Lunch-time chat
13:00-16:00 Poster presentations Lecture 5 / Lecture 6
16:00- Get-together Get-together

*Two lectures will be given in parallel in each time slot.

Lecture sessions

Lecture 1 and Lecture 2  (9/26(Mon.) 9:00-12:00)
Lecturer Title (click to see abstract)
Gen Kimura
(Shibaura Institute of Technology)
Physics of complete positivity in open quantum systems --- Let's use "GKLS master equation" in honor of all the contributors, Lindblad as well as Gorini, Kossakowski, and Shudarshan!
Masafumi Udagawa
(Gakushuin University)
Kitaev’s spin liquid and quantum computation
Lecture 3 and Lecture 4  (9/27(Tue.) 9:00-12:00)
Lecturer Title (click to see abstract)
Toshiya Ideue
(The University of Tokyo)
Quantum phenomena in van der Waals nanomaterials
Tomotaka Kuwahara
Lieb-Robinson bound and its applications [Slide] [derive LR bound]
Lecture 5 and Lecture 6  (9/27(Tue.) 13:00-16:00)
Lecturer Title (click to see abstract)
Kazumasa A. Takeuchi
(The University of Tokyo)
Kardar-Parisi-Zhang universality class [Slide] [Reference list] [Video]
Nobuyuki Yoshioka
(The University of Tokyo)
How to Encode Quantum Many-body Physics into Neural Networks [Video]

Spin-off event

This lecture will be an introduction to the basics of software development, including unit testing and version control systems (Git). The topics are subject to change. Please note that this lecture will be delivered in Japanese.

Spin-off event  (10/1(Sat.) 13:30-16:30)
Lecturer Title (click to see abstract)
Synge Todo
(The University of Tokyo)
Techniques in Program Development for Statistical and Quantum Physics
*The lecture will be delivered in Japanese.*
*Slides used in the lecture will be written in English*
[Slide] [Sample code] [Video]

Poster presentations

Lunch-time chat and Get-together (tentative plan)

We will use oVice to give participants the chance to build network with other participants and ask questions to the lecturers.
Participants can join the virtual platform anytime during the school.