Stat&QuantPhys Autumn School 2021 (SQP2021)

Thank you for your participation!
We thank everyone who participated in this workshop on September 26 and 27. It was a very productive meeting with many attendees. We hope you had a good meeting and learned something that will help you in your future research! We would appreciate it if you take time to answer the feedback form on the participants' page.

All lecture materials including the recordings are now available from Participants' page !



SQP2022 is an online school and the participation fee will be free. The number of participant will be limited to 500, including the organizing members and lecturers. Students will be prioritized if the number of registrants approaches the limit.

Registration will be open until the school starts.

Registration form

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Important dates

Registration will be open from Saturday, August 6th.

Please make sure that you turn in a one-page abstract if you wish to give a poster presentation. The submission deadline is on Sunday, September 18th in Japan Standard Time (GMT+9).

Submission of poster-presentation abstract

One has to submit their abstract to give a poster presentation. Please submit your abstract by Sunday, September 18th.

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or send your abstract (as a PDF file, with your name, title and at most 3 keywords) to the following email address:

Abstract Examples

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