Stat&QuantPhys Autumn School 2022 (SQP2022)

Thank you for your participation!
We thank everyone who participated in this workshop on September 26 and 27. It was a very productive meeting with many attendees. We hope you had a good meeting and learned something that will help you in your future research! We would appreciate it if you take time to answer the feedback form on the participants' page.

All lecture materials including the recordings are now available from Participants' page !

Q&A for SQP2022

Q1: Will participants get a certificate of participation?

We are planning to provide a certificate of participation only for those who give a poster presentation and ask for the certificate individually.

Q&A for SQP2021

Q1: Will attendees be given recordings of the sessions at the end of the workshop?

We are planning to make the recording available later for participants only, but we are still checking permission by the lecturers. We will make an announcement when details are decided.

Q2: Will certificates of attendance be given?

We have decided not to give ones since SQP2021 is an online school and it is difficult to make sure if people really participate or not.

Q3: Actually I have not made up my mind on whether to submit a poster or not. Is this changable?

You can apply for a poster presentation by telling us via email.

Please note that you need to turn in only the abstract and the title of your presentation by Sept. 21st and submitting your poster or slides are not required. You just need to get ready on the day of presentation, Sept. 27th.

We have few people applying for a poster presentation as of now, so we would highly appreciate it if you give a presentation. We are looking forward to that.

Q4: How rigorous does the presentation have to be?

Poster-presentation session is a very casual session: you can talk over what you are interested in now or what you have recently studied, instead of presenting your research in progress.

Q5: How long is a presentation expected to be?

The session will be divided into two 90-min. parts and you will be expected to be in an assigned Zoom breakout room and give presentations in either of two parts. We think that it will be great if you prepare for 10-20-min talk. In that case, you may give presentations around three times in the 90 mins.