NH2022: Non-Hermitian Quantum Mechanics 2022

Welcome to the web site for non-Hermitian quantum mechanics 2022.
Organizers: Yuto Ashida, Dorje Brody, Joshua Feinberg, Eva-Maria Graefe, Naomichi Hatano


July 4, 2022
9:25am- Opening
9:30am- Eva-Maria GraefeLandau-Zener transitions through a pair of higher order exceptional points abstract presentation
9:55am- Savannah GarmonReservoir-assisted symmetry breaking and coalesced zero-energy modes in an open PT-symmetric Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model abstract presentation
10:20pm- Kazuki SoneNon-Hermitian exceptional boundary mode and its application to topological laser abstract presentation
10:45am- Coffee break 1
11:00am- Henning SchomerusCausality constraints and their symmetry classification in non-Hermitian passive devices abstract presentation
11:25am- Tsuneya YoshidaCorrelation effects on Z classification of non-Hermitian topology abstract presentation
11:50am- Masaya NakagawaExact Bethe-ansatz solutions for open quantum many-body systems abstract presentation
0:15pm- Dorje BrodyThe role of PT phase transition in biology and ecology abstract presentation
0:40pm- Lunch break
2:00pm- Takahiro OritoFate of ETH and MBL in the non-Hermitian regime abstract
2:25pm- Takanobu TairaPT symmetry implies real energy and linear stability of complex soliton abstract presentation
2:50pm- Coffee break 2
3:05pm- Joshua FeinbergEnhanced avionic sensing based on Wigner's cusp anomalies abstract presentation
3:30pm- Ken MochizukiComplexity transitions of boson sampling in non-unitary dynamics abstract presentation
3:55pm- Kazuaki TakasanQuantum active matter in non-Hermitian systems abstract
4:20pm- Coffee break 3
4:35pm- Ken-Ichiro ImuraBulk-edge correspondence in non-Hermitian systems & physics sensitive vs. insensitive to the boundary condition abstract presentation
5:00pm- Kazuki YokomizoNon-Bloch band theory of non-Hermitian systems abstract presentation
5:25pm- Naomichi HatanoQuantum transport in non-Hermitian systems abstract presentation
5:50pm- Closing



Room 1320, 3rd floor, Science Bldg. Hongo Campus, The Unviersity of Tokyo


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