Stat&QuantPhys Winter School 2024 (SQP2024)

Stat&QuantPhys Winter School 2024 (SQP2024)

About the SQP2024

SQP2024 is a 2-day school on topics in statistical physics and quantum physics. Basic lectures on several emerging fields will be given, along with a poster-presentation session. Participants are welcomed to find interdisciplinary inspiration through lectures and discussion.
All programs will be held in English, in Japan Standard Time (GMT+9).

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All programs will be held online using Zoom and Gather .‎

2/21 (Wed.) 2/22 (Thu.)
  8:45-9:00 Opening ceremony
  9:00-12:00 Lecture 1 / Lecture 2 Lecture 3 / Lecture 4
12:00-13:00 Lunch-time chat Lunch-time chat
13:00-16:00 Poster presentations Lecture 5 / Lecture 6
16:00- Get-together Get-together

*Two lectures will be given in parallel in each time slot.


The topics of the school will include (but will not be limited to)

Presentations on other interdisciplinary topics are also welcomed.

Lecturers and Organizing Committee Members


Hideaki Aoyama (Kyoto University)    [researchmap]

Savannah Garmon (Osaka Metropolitan University)    [Google Scholar]  [HP]

Ryo Hanai (Kyoto University)    [Google Scholar]  [HP]

Keiji Saito (Kyoto University)    [researchmap]  [HP]

Masahiro Sato (Chiba University)    [researchmap]  [HP]

Haruki Watanabe (University of Tokyo)    [researchmap]  [HP]

Committee Members

Hayato Kinkawa (Hatano group, U-Tokyo, M2) (Chair)

Norihiro Makiguchi (Hatano group, U-Tokyo, M1) (Vice Chair)

Shotaro Hirano (Yoshihara group, Tokyo University of Science, M1)

Shingo Ishimori (Yoshihara group, Tokyo University of Science, M1)

Hiroki Kawashimo (Suwa group, U-Tokyo, M2)

Hajime Koike (Takayasu group, Tokyo Institute of Technology, D2)

Rihito Sakurai (Shinaoka group, Saitama U, D3)

Cheng Shang (Hatano group, U-Tokyo, D3)

Keisuke Taga (Dept. Phys., Waseda U)

Hiroto Tomida (Yamazaki group, Waseda U, M1)

Manami Yamagishi (Hatano group, U-Tokyo, D1)