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Program fixed

Check it out by clicking "Program" above. (There was a slight update on July 31. A talk was add to the last of Monday.) Please note the following:
  • All speakers please be aware that the participants are from various fields of physics, possibly even from mathematics. You should spend a considerable time for introduction in your talk.
  • The conference venew is Arata Hall in Joining and Welding Research Institute, just accross from the host institution of the conference, Research Center for Nuclear Physics (RCNP), Osaka University.
  • For wireless LAN during the conference, "eduroam" is available. We also prepare the visitor ID using ODINS (Osaka Daigaku Infomation Network System).

Deadline Extension!

As most anticipated, we extend the deadline by one week to JUNE 22, 2016.
For those who seek travel support, however, please finish the registration as soon as possible. We will start considering the travel support on June 16.

This problem was (hopefully) solved. --->Sorry, the registration site is temporarily unavailable. We are trying to fix it. Thank you for your patience.

Registration is now OPEN!

Please register and, if apply, send us the abstract, by JUNE 15, 2016. Sorry for the short notice!

Three Steps to Take

  1. Go to the registraion site and finish the registration. Registration fee is 15,000 yen for general participans and 10,000 yen for students.
  2. If you apply for a talk (possibly oral or poster):
    1. download the template latex file;
    2. rename the file according to your name as "resonance2016_hatano.tex".
    3. fill out the file but keep it within one page and compile it. The result should look like this.
    4. send the latex file and the compiled pdf file back to, including your name in the subject of the e-mail.
  3. Find your accommodation. You can use the accommodation site, but you can also find your accommodation by yourself.


Theoretical study of quantum-mechanical resonant processes has developed dramatically in recent years in various fields of physics including

  • hadron physics,
  • nuclear physics,
  • atomic and molecular physics,
  • quantum optics,
  • condensed-matter physics,
particularly from the point of view of
  • open quantum systems with non-Hermitian effective Hamiltonians and Liouvillians.
The present workshop aims to promote exchanges and collaborations across the fields, thereby seeking further development of the study. It provides an excellent opportunity for researchers working in the various fields on resonance and non-Hermitian quantum mechanics of open systems to get together from all over the world and communicate with each other. The topic on the focus is
  • Theoretical analyses of quantum-mechanical resonant phenomena using non-Hermitian effective Hamiltonians and Liouvillians of open quantum systems,
but other topics on theoretical and experimental analyses of resonant phenomena will be discussed. Researchers from all areas of physics are welcome.


August 3 - 5, 2016


The conference venew is Arata Hall in Joining and Welding Research Institute, just accross from the host institution of the conference, Research Center for Nuclear Physics (RCNP), Osaka University

Confirmed Speakers (as of June 15, 2016)

  • Arno Bohm (U. Texas at Austin, USA)
  • Joshua Feinberg (Haifa, Israel)
  • Makoto Ito (Kansai U., Japan)
  • Yuma Kikuchi (RIKEN, Japan)
  • Atsunari Konishi (KEK, Japan)
  • Hiroshi Masui (Kitami Inst. Tech., Japan)
  • Shoujirou Mizutori (Kansai U. of Welfare Sciences, Japan)
  • Gonzalo Ordonez (Butler U., USA)
  • Roberto Passante (U. Palermo, Italy)
  • Marek Ploszajczak (GANIL, France)
  • Ingrid Rotter (Max-Planck-Institut, Germany)
  • Marian Rusek (Saclay, France)
  • Shinji Shimasaki (Keio U., Japan)
  • Kazuya Yuasa (Waseda U., Japan)
  • Miloslav Znojil (Academy of Scieneces, Czech Republic)

Sightseeing in Osaka

We are not planning any social events during the workshop. For individual sightseeing in Osaka, see for example
Osaka Visitors' Guide

Sister workshop

There will be a strongly related workshop in the next week (August 8 - 12, 2016) in the Yukawa Institute, Kyoto University:
PHHQP16: Progress in Quantum Physics with Non-Hermitian Operators.

Osaka and Kyoto are both in the same Kansai area of Japan, both served by the Kansai International Airport (KIX), and well connected by several train lines as shown in here.

Previous workshop

This is partly continuation of the previous workshop in December, 2012 in Kyoto:
Resonances and non-Hermitian systems in quantum mechanics.


Send an e-mail to


  • Yasuhide Fukumoto (Kyushu U.)
  • Savannah Garmon (Osaka Prefecture U.)
  • Kazunari Hashimoto (Yamanazhi U.)
  • Naomichi Hatano (U. Tokyo, Chair)
  • Atsuchi Hosaka (Osaka U.)
  • Tetsuo Hyodo (Kyoto U.)
  • Daisuke Jido (Tokyo Metropolitan U.)
  • Kazuki Kanki (Osaka Prefecture U.)
  • Kiyoshi Kato (Hokkaido U.)
  • Makoto Hirota (Tohoku U.)
  • Takayuki Myo (Osaka Inst. Tech.)
  • Hiroaki Nakamura (NIFS)
  • Kenichi Noba (Osaka Prefecture U.)
  • Tomio Petrosky (U. Texas, Austin)
  • Masatoshi Sato (Kyoto U.)
  • Hiroya Suno (Riken)
  • Junji Suzuki (Shizuoka U.)
  • Satoshi Tanaka (Osaka Prefecture U.)
  • Todd Tilma (Titech)
  • Zensho Yoshida (U. Tokyo)


We gratefully acknowledge generous supports from RCNP, Osaka University, Institute of Industrial Science, The Unviersity of Tokyo and Inoue Foundation of Science.